Dental Consultation

Knowing the extent of dental services needed helps men and women budget for the expense accordingly. That’s why it pays to have a dental consultation done prior to scheduling any dental services. At Family 1st Dental, our patients get to meet with our dentists before any work is done.

This allows them to become acquainted with our office and dental professionals. It helps break the ice and allows the dentists to see how extensive the work will be in the patient’s mouth. Knowing how many treatments are necessary to remedy the problem is important as it prepares men, women, and children for what is yet to come in regard to dental work.

We Get to Know Our Patients and Their Needs

A dental consultation is a service that many dentists provide. It’s a standard way to meet with patients, get to know which types of services they require and come up with a plan to treat problems quickly and effectively. Even if a patient needs to be seen regularly by the dentist, they want to know what to expect which is why a consultation is ideal.

Our Patients Get to Know Us by Asking the Right Questions

Patients should prepare their list of questions in advance so they’re able to ask the dentist everything they need to during the meeting. Some things that may be of interest to men and women is how long the dentist has been in practice, where he or she received their schooling, the types of accreditation they have, what they do differently than other dentists, and whether they offer payment plans or accept certain types of insurance. Knowing what to expect from our dentists and dental office helps our patients prepare mentally and physically for whatever dental work they need.

We Educate and Empower Our Patients with Knowledge

Education is a big part of the consultation process. By empowering our patients with knowledge, we’re able to accomplish many things. First, we help them maintain good oral health and hygiene by avoiding bad habits.

Next, we establish trust by sharing our expertise with patients. Knowing what to do in any situation involving a person’s mouth, teeth, and gums are crucial in our industry. Demonstrating skill in this area build our patients’ confidence in us and our abilities to solve their dental issues once and for all.

A Consultation Allows Our Patients to Get Their Questions Answered Quickly

A dental consultation allows men and women to meet with our dentists to get an idea of how they work, how much a particular service cost, and what to do to prepare for a treatment or surgery. Having access to a dental professional prior to the date of an appointment is a luxury that many patients aren’t given when they go to other dentists for services.

Patients wanting to take advantage of our consultation services can call and set up an appointment. That way, they’ll be ready to meet with our dentists when the time is right. They’ll get the answers that they need to schedule additional dental work in the future.