Dental Prosthesis

Do you suffer chewing problems because of missing teeth? Or are you unable to smile because you have damaged or crooked teeth? Worry no more as Dr. Gryzick is an experienced and highly-qualified dentist that can perform a dental prosthesis procedures to reconstruct the missing teeth.

Dental prosthesis commonly addresses the issues below:

  • The diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, and rehabilitation of oral function. In our clinic, we ensure the comfort and improved appearance of the patient’s teeth with problematic maxillofacial tissues and missing or bent teeth.
  • We also reconstruct the missing teeth parts, missing jaw structures, palate, or soft parts.
  • The dental prosthesis can rehabilitate chewing functions, aid in speech, and improve aesthetics.

How we perform Dental Prosthesis

In our clinics, we have the expertise and advanced equipment to insert a dental prosthesis to connect teeth or implants. The prosthesis will stay in place by suction, or the surrounding muscles can hold it.

Types of Dental Prosthesis

We can assist with the fixed and permanent prosthesis or removable prosthesis. Both the removable dentures and permanent prosthodontics come in varied versions. Typically, we use tiny screws or dental adhesive to attach the dental implants or artificial teeth.

Removal prosthesis uses friction adjacent to hard oral surfaces and suction based but not the denture adhesives. The removable prosthesis rely on the anatomical jaw contours and nearby muscles to hold. At times the patient may need the hybrid prosthesis, which is a combination of fixed artificial teeth and removable prosthesis.


We recommend prosthesis depending on the number of teeth that require replacement. When we prescribe partial prosthetic, we will use attachments or hooks to insert the synthetic items.

Fixed prosthesis, Crowns, or Bridges

The permanent crowns are essential in reinforcing unstable fillings. We also use abutment crowns when anchoring bridges that replace multiple teeth. During the teeth replacement process, our dentist will insert a metallic piece, also referred to as an inlay core, then fasten the crown or false tooth.

Using state-of-the-art tools in our Aurora clinic, we perform cosmetic dentistry, mouth rehabilitation or makeover, cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and treat gum diseases. For excellent gum, teeth, or jawbone therapy, call our us for an appointment.