Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a common dental product at our offices created specifically for our patients with custom fits. Each mouth guard is made at our office using impressions of our patient’s actual teeth so that the fit is comfortable and the protection is strong. We work with our patients throughout the entire process to ensure a perfect fit that is truly protective.

Who needs to wear a mouth guard?

Choosing to wear a mouth guard is a personal preference, but there are many reasons why you might decide to wear a mouth guard. The first would be to protect children’s mouths who play sports. Adults who play active sports on a regular basis should also invest in a mouth guard to protect their teeth. Many patients also come to us for mouth guards because they clench and grind their teeth at night. Night after night, the clenching and grinding can lead to problems in the mouth such as chipped teeth, jaw pain and poor sleep.

How are mouth guards made at your office?

At our office, we work with patients to create custom mouth guards with high protection value for their teeth and gums. Our mouth guards are created by first taking an impression of your mouth. This gives us an exact, custom fit for your gums and teeth so that we can then create your mouth guard through a custom mold. Because this mouth guard will be custom made, it offers the highest level of protection by keeping your teeth in place and staying put regardless of your activity level. These mouth guards also keep your airway free. This is crucial for patients who need mouth guards for high-impact/high cardio sports or for grinding teeth while sleeping.

Why can’t I purchase mouth guards from a local store?

You can purchase one-size-fits-all mouth guards from local stores without a trip to the dentist. However, we do not recommend these types of mouth guards because they offer limited protection. They are also uncomfortable and can even obstruct a person’s breathing. These types of mouth guards might serve a temporary purpose, but if you need a mouth guard on a continual basis then we highly recommend getting fitted for a custom mouth guard. We work hard to ensure that our patients have the highest quality care and that includes custom mouth guards.

For more information on the value of mouth guards or to answer any questions you may have regarding our custom mouth guards, please feel to contact Family 1st Dental. We would love to speak with you at 303-569-4293. You can also visit our offices at 6040 S. GunClub Rd., Unit G3 Aurora, CO 80016 or send us an email at