Tooth Bonding Services

Bonding Procedure

The actual process of bonding a tooth, or teeth, is quick and painless. Generally, your dental professional will first show you the possible shades of composite plastic so that you can find the one that best matches the color of your teeth (or, if you’re trying to cover up discoloration, you can select from various clean shades of white.) The next step is to slightly etch into the surface of the tooth or teeth to be bonded, which roughens the surface and makes bonding easier. In order to further aid bonding, a conditioning fluid will usually be applied next, which will help the bonding plastic stick to the tooth.

The plastic resin, which is soft and moldable like a putty, is then placed on the tooth, after which the dentist forms the putty to the desired shape and smooths it over. In order to make the material harden and match the consistency of your teeth, the resin is then exposed to an ultraviolet light or laser, which solidifies the bonding. Once the material has solidified, your dentist can further shape the mold and shave excess material, and they will also polish the bonding so that it matches the tooth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

For at least forty-eight hours after receiving a tooth bonding, it’s important to avoid drinking excess coffee or tea, and to abstain from smoking cigarettes or other combustive substances. These materials can stain the plastic used in bonding, so avoiding these substances will give you the best results. In addition, brushing your teeth frequently is always important, but particularly after receiving dental bonds, and you may want to also use a fluoride mouthwash. Another good precaution is to get your teeth inspected and cleaned by a dental hygienist approximately every six months, both to keep your teeth and bonding clean and to ensure that the bonds stay in good shape.

Overall, the entire process is easy and usually takes very little time, and our tooth bonding services are no exception. Our dental care professionals will not only help discuss options with you so that you find the color and shape that most closely matches what you desire in a bond, but they will also ensure a solid, complete bonding. To get tooth bonding in Aurora and the surrounding area, call us today to schedule an appointment, and get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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